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EIT Innovations – best project center in chennai, provide best project guidance for final year engineering projects including free PCB design training.

We, EIT Innovations, are one of the best innovative training institutions in Chennai and give innovative ideas as our name promises. We provide the best training and product oriented guidance for engineering students.

Join us to attain in-depth knowledge in your core subjects in the most professional way along with assured job opportunities.

We offer comprehensive training programs on advanced industrial automation and product development. We provide real time project experiences for students and professionals to enhance their practical experiences.

We also fall under the list of the best project centers in Chennai. We concentrate on the three major engineering departments namely EEE, ECE and EIE for both their mini projects and final year projects. We enlighten students with our unique approach known as Project and Product Development.




Our Services

Engineering Projects

We, EIT Innovations, introduce you our new approach towards engineering projects called the “Do It Yourself” final year project. This approach includes engineering project development along with product development guidance provided by well experienced staff. We guide students in their various major domains such as Embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Robotics, etc., starting with the 8051 family, continued by AVR, PIC, ARM micro-controllers and so on. We also provide project guidance in Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Power Systems and PLC based domains. Students doing projects in our center will be trained to make their own PCB with their names engraved on it.

We mainly concentrate on the below:

Department wise:

  • EEE Projects
  • ECE Projects
  • EIE Projects

Domain wise:

  • Embedded Systems Projects
  • PLC & Automation Projects
  • Power Electronics Projects
  • Power Systems Projects
  • Electrical Machines Projects

Project type wise:

  • IEEE Projects
  • Self/Own Ideas based Projects
  • Innovative Projects (IEEE publishable)
  • Mini Projects

Embedded Systems Training

We are providing fully interactive training with hands on practical experience on embedded system domain. It is our responsibility to ensure that every student entering into our training will get knowledge of embedded products development from A to Z. Our students will also be involved in on going projects so that the student will feel the practical approaches and best practices in embedded systems. We are also offering a free PCB designing and fabrication course for every student joining to embedded technologies training.

Engineering Foundation Training

Are you an engineer struggling with less confidence on your engineering knowledge?
Are you not a qualified engineer, but interested to learn engineering?
We are here to create a strong foundation for you to become an effective engineer!
The main objective of this course is to provide in-depth knowledge in electrical and electronics engineering from basics to advanced level.

PLC and Automation Training

We are providing top class PLC training programs with most reputed PLC brands and autonomous product development training for industrial applications.

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